Hanspeter Weidmann

“For me, design means coming across an idea, becoming engaged by it, and then translating it into existence. This is a unique and fascinating path – alternating between dream and reality, logic and intuition. I want to look at and touch the idea, see how this new object takes effect, rejoice in it. The life of a product starts in the environment of the people who enjoy it.”

Born 1958 in Schlieren, law school, internship in a dockyard and an architect’s office. Studied at the College of Design Basel. Starting 1986, own studio for product, furniture and interior design in Basel. Production and marketing of his own collection in Switzerland, production licences in Italy and Germany. 1991 Swiss Design Award, federal grant for applied arts. Represented in collections of the Museum for Design Zurich and the Museum of the Arts and Trade Hamburg. Various national and international exhibitions.

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