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Lightweight and durable. Focused on the essentials. The Lehni collection. Discover collection

Swiss Made

Lehni is serious about the “Swiss made” label and sustainability. And has been for over 100 years.
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Aluminium Shelf. The customisable design classic. Configure now


Lehni manifesto

Our manifesto sums up the principles and convictions that guide our actions:

  1. Harmony of form, function, and formal beauty
  2. Simple elegance
  3. Focused on the essentials
  4. Radically conceived
  5. Timeless quality
  6. Sustainable in action
  7. Always authentic and open-minded

Donald Judd Metallmöbel

In 1984, the American artist Donald Judd designed a collection of metal furniture that is still exclusively manufactured by Lehni today.
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Lehni Tisch Flex 2.0 design by Hanspeter Weidmann

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Happy Birthday! Lehni celebrates 60 years of aluminium shelving.

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Avant-garde since 1922

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