Rudolf Lehni

“At the School of Art product developments were tested on prototypes. Objects made from wood were crafted at the school’s woodworking shop – for metal work I was usually called in. I also built the prototype of the “Stehleuchte” for Andreas Christen.”

1928 establishment of the building plumber company Lehni in Duebendorf by Rudolf Lehni Senior. Assembly of sophisticated structural and industrial tinsmith work used for interiors and exteriors. Close collaboration with architects, designers and artists like Andreas Christen (Lehni Shelves Expo 64 in the sector of Max Bill), Donald Judd and many more. Starting the Lehni furniture production in 1963/64. Rudolf Lehni was the proprietor of Lehni until his death in 1981, when his wife, the renowned photographer Doris Quarella-Lehni, took over the company’s management.

Furniture by Rudolf Lehni

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