Lehni kitchens – 100 % swiss made

Since 1922, our manufacture has been known for implementing innovative solutions with minimalist design. With many years of know-how in aluminium processing and intensive cooperation with architects and leading kitchen appliance manufacturers, we are happy to plan your dream kitchen for you.

Each kitchen is unique and is planned individually according to the customer's needs. A timeless kitchen with the highest level of perfection adapts to the most diverse furnishing styles of the occupants. Aluminium is ideally suited for the kitchen area, it can be cleaned effortlessly and is absolutely hygienic and odourless.

Our kitchens take practical needs into account without skimping on elegance. Work processes are short. Generosity is created by the simple arrangement of the base units and the use of extra-wide elements. The details make the difference.

Corpus fronts aluminium colourless or coloured anodised or powder-coated as desired / Corpus aluminium powder-coated as desired / Drawer and hinges with soft-closing mechanism.

The sandwich process guarantees that fronts and shelves remain absolutely dimensionally stable despite their lightness - regardless of length and height. Neither humidity nor temperature can warp or bend the panels. The two halves of the sandwich construction are so tightly joined that vibrations cannot spread. Work surfaces Steel stainless hot-rolled or as desired.

Nothing distracts, everything is aluminium in perfection. The reduced design brings the maximum simplicity out of the kitchen, the materiality unfolds. With their clear lines, Lehni kitchens are visually restrained, create a lot of space and are unpretentiously timeless.

The Lehni kitchen range is based on the Swiss standard and the Euro standard. The kitchen units are 55, 60, 90 and 120 cm wide, intermediate dimensions are possible. With these dimensions, you are completely flexible in your planning.
The height division is based on sixths (1/6 = 127 mm).

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