Table Flex 2.0

Design Hanspeter Weidmann, 2011-2023
swiss made

The Flex 2.0 table is based on a revised design from 2011 by Hanspeter Weidmann. In 2023, it presents itself in a new design and with refined details. It is made of only three parts (tabletop and legs), which are screwed together without welding or gluing. Its timeless elegance and the light, intelligent construction of thin, curved aluminium make the table a typical Lehni piece of furniture. Flex 2.0 is very flexible in use: it can be ideally used as an office, dining or garden table and, thanks to its light weight, can be moved easily.

Colour: Aluminium colourless anodised, colinal anodised C3000 or colour powder-coated according to Lehni colour chart (other RAL or NCS colours at extra charge).

Size: length 200 cm or 240 cm / width 90 cm / height 74 cm

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