Donald Judd

Courtesy Foundation
Donald Judd, Leo Holub ©Judd Foundation Archive
All rights reserved. Photographer Leo Holub
Judd’s work of art becomes visible trough clarity, objectivity, array and disarray, as well as the abandonment of composition. The topics material, space, colour, volume and light as aspects of everyday life have primary value. Despite the strict clarity of his work, interactions result from open and closed volumes, inside and outside shapes, transparent and compact forms. Judd applies reduced, geometric shapes made out of industrial materials in whose scantiness a special kind of aesthetics can be found.

Born 1928 in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, studied art and philosophy in Virginia and New York, various university teaching positions in Yale, New York, Ohio, freelance art critic for international art magazines, painter and sculptor looking for an “in-between”. Break through with “Specific Objects”, after 1977 Judd lived and worked in Marfa, Texas, created room projects and model installations along with friends, he is considered a leading figure of minimalism beside Robert Morris and Sol LeWitt. 1984 collaboration with Lehni, exhibitions in notable galleries worldwide. Deceased 1994 in New York.

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