Andreas Christen

Andreas Christen

“A chair is made to sit on, a painting is made to look at. Yet beauty can be found in both disciplines throughout.” Andreas Christen is a significant leader at Lehni and has become a legend in furniture design. He valued keeping the production of furniture as simple as possible, no matter if 100 or 10,000 thereof were being produced. Thanks to this principle Lehni is able to manufacture furniture in Switzerland, without generating unattainable luxury goods.

Born 1936 in Bubendorf, studied design at the School of Art in Zurich, where he already developed his first product, “die Stehleuchte”. After 1959 he worked as an artist and product designer. Concept of the Lehni Aluminum Shelves, the classic, in 1964. Developed “Monoforms”, monochromatic relief pictures. Until 1972 docent at the State University of the Arts in Hamburg. First “Komplementaer-Strukturen”, geometric sculptures. 1982 design of Lehni Bed. Participated in several national and international exhibitions. Deceased 2006 in Zurich.

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